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Abstract A device for healing by magnetism derived by simultaneous flow of AC and DC electricity where in the AC (on top side) and DC coils are vertically placed around insulated brass tube to be subsequently wrapped over soft iron tube as shown in the accompanied drawing, generating a mixed AC-DC magnetism (within the iron tube) radiating a mild pulsating flux of 300 to 400 gauss units which creates a magnetic field to negotiate hanging (disconnected) pole-plates for tactual application.
Full Text The present invention relates to magnetic device based on simultaneous indurfion of DC and AC electricity's (totally new concept of generating therapeutical magnetism, meant for ALL - CURE - meaning Mrityunjaya) coupled with its' double vibratory effect' The tactual application (5 to 10 mtnutes) of this device of natural propensity results in recharging biocell-batteries. which assume the foundation of health from skin to bones. And the recharging phenomenon is carried put on atonrjic level involving mainly the Hydrogen atoms (representing water in the physique) and iron contents plus negotiating all the five elements, which constitute theibody Thus our Defence-Mechanism gets reinforced to eradicate most of the terminal-point-diseases, bestow good health and restore aesthetic attributes.
In the realm of therapeutical magnetism the concept of obtaining a new magnetism through simultaneous induction of AC and DC electricity's as propounded m this device does notexistany where to the best of our Knowledge about the researches
:done in this field so far.
;The following table depicts an evolution of clinical magnetism and the matter-of-fact
about this device
(Fig. Removed)
Natural magnets (1) are not easily available and their strength cannot be controlled Hence manufactured ones are therapeutically used. There are scores of books on Clinical application of Permanent magnets (2) this is being used by thousands of • physicians, including Naturopaths all over the country as also abroad. This is manufactured with certain alloys in various shapes and sizes and subsequently magnetized with electricity for applying in various ailments
The AC-operated (3) devices are vibrators applied mainly on painful joints The DC operated magnets (4) are mainly manufactured abroad. They are primarily aimed at particular ailments. Some such patented devices are indicated below.
Illustration of Few Commonly Publicized Magnetic Patent Devices -
A) "Almaz" - Apparatus for Eye Magneto therapy Application: - (Vision acuity
education, initial stages of cataract, optic nerve neuritis, neuroretinitis, retina vain
Thrombosis, gloucomos.).
i) Power consumption - 100 ii). Weight -11 Kg.
B) Medical Vibratory - Massage Chair (Back. Muscle massage, Spine, Traction. iThermo- therapy) Weight 200Kg
C) MAG-30)'- (Magnetic field produces analegetic and anti-inflammatory effect improves micro-circulatory process and local blood circulation).
D). BIOMAC-90- (Combinative effect Magnetic field and electric current) for removing
ipatn syndrome tn stomatology, face and jaw troubles and training, muscular system)
i) Supply -200n) Weight-1Kg iii) Power input VA-10
E) Apparatus for Magneto-therapy - Application ; Nervous system,
Locomotion system, cardio-vascular disease, tropic ulcers.
i) Consumption - 30 W ii) Weight - 1.5 Kg.
F) Microwave Apparatus - (By means of electromagnetic energy effect
on local regions on human Pody),
i) Consumption - 22 W ii) Weight - 6.2 kg.
The known prior art in this field is confined to S.No. (4) of the chart on pre page.
The present invention of the magnetic device (S.No. 5) involving simultaneous induction of AC-DC electricity's (since christened Mrityunjaya
Magnetics) has its basic and secondary ingredients which becomes evident in "Manufacturing process". The character and attributes of these ingredients are described below :
Accordingly the present invention relates to a device for healing by magnetism derived by simultaneous flow of AC and DC electricity where in the AC (on top side) and DC coils are vertically placed around insulated brass tube to be subsequently wrapped over soft iron tube as shown in the; accompanied drawing, generating a mixed AC-DC magnelism (within the iron tube) radiating a mild pulsating flux of 300 to 400 gauss units which creates a magnetic field to negotiate hanging (disconnected) pole-plates for tactual application.
A) PULSATING MAGNETISM of a novel character that negotiates the iron contents plus hydrogen atoms of the body and thus recharge bio-cell batteries which become capable of cleansing the vessels clogged with fatty or other calcified materials and normalising teh control, distribution and defence mechanism in the body.
"It was proved some years ago that the change of the magnetic field of the earth is a necessary phenomenon of the evolution. It was suspected that the magnetic field had an action on the biological organism, but its therapeutic effect has become evident only in the recent decades. It turned out that not the 'static' magnetic field but its permanent change
pulsing is of primary importance and capable of being applied for healing human and animal organism.
The magnetic field penetrates through the living structure practically unhindered and has its effects to the intracellular movement of ions as a consequence cf the Lorentz -
interaction and that of the induced magnetic field.
The magnetic field produced exerts a selective magnetic and electric effect at cell level
The previously applied electric physiotherapeutic devices exerted their therapeutic effect principally by their heat effect. The pulsing magnetic field, on the contrary, does not cause the warming up of tissues but passes through all parts of the organism, even through bones, without any loss or by-effect. For it does not cause any heating up ('destroying heat'), it can also be used for implantation of metal and plastic fmatenals
The low-frequency-pulsing-magnetic field causes physical and chemical (biological) change in the cells. After all. its cell-level effect manifests itself in the form of double control magnetic and electric one. The MAGNETOTHERAPY device insures a more effective double control effect producing the two-step "induction packet"
As a consequence of this, the permeability of the membrane of the cell increases, a motion of ions will commence between the cellular membrane and the interior of the cell the potential difference will be equalized to a normal value,and the Na+ and K+ ions will exchange.The degree of oxygen supply will also be increased as well as the fermentation activity The capillaries go wider, the permeability of the blood vessels can be observed on the sick portion.
The source of the disease is generally the state of deficiencies of the structure of tissues caused chiefly by anoxia. Thus, circulation disturbances, sclerotic lesion, as well as reduced'detoxication capability of liver arid kidney are greatly'dependent on the degree of the oxygen supply. In our days, anoxia is characteristic not only for ageing organisms, but also for younger ones, due to various stress effects and pollution.
A further advantage of the complex pulsing magnetic field produced by the device is that the peripheric (notorial nerves become re-excitable, resulting in the ability of reversing the state of those suffering from sclerosis multiplex. Thus, not only the preservation of a certain state for a longer period is possible but also it's bettering
As a result of the accelerated motion of ions the susceptibility of reduced and inflammatory processes and the concomitant pains will also be decreased because of the rapid secretion of metabolic products. The increase of re-sorption and the acceleration of the regeneration of the callus of bones, too.
B) VIBRO-STIMULATION that combinatively peftetrates the bones, tissues and
cells (The vibration is of double character - tension; and electrical.)Vibration can be
used to get rid of wrinkles, check balding, remove acute backache correct myopia,
maintain body figure and make one's joints flexible. It can be used by athletes and by
all those who want to remain fit.
C) Involving iron-contents and hydrogen-atoms.
It is common acknowledge that magnet attracts iron. As such it has been correctly explained that magnetic lines of force would negotiate iron-containing blood, which circulates throughout the body. However, major reality is the magnetic quality and susceptibility of hydrogen atoms, which pervade the body. When within contact, the magnetic waves soften and revitalize the bio-cells and tissues in a natural and

harmless process It spills spontaneous effect in the body system upgrading the defence - mechanism
In the context of magnetism involving our body, it would be pertinent to mention here that recent achievement of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) relies on the prominent magnetic quality of hydrogen atoms, which the body is primarily composed of The hydrogen atoms representing water, when; subjected to the penetrating magnetic field, line up in a particular direction, inter-acting with the surrounding tissues This shows the immediate relation between the magnetic field and the body.
It has a unique transformatory oroperty that revitalizes the hardened and debilitated tissues and cells It spontaneously acts upon the circulatory system. When the body is within the magnetic field, the iron contents and Hydrogen atoms are instantly attracted, enhancing the process of blood circulation. Hence the obstructions in the blood streams are automatically removed. Its other positive aspect is purificatory. Better the circulation more the consumption of oxygen resulting in formation of good blood. It may be recalled that the nervous system, which control all parts of the body, has to be maintained with plentiful supply of blood, which provides oxygen and nutrients. All systems of medicine endeavor this objective in the process of curing.
Ultimately, there are numerous control systems, to regulate virtually every function in the body. They are so closely inter - related that each is necessary for the function of others thus the body is a perfectly integrated constitution. The clinical thesis upheld by this device aims at correcting the 'integrated constitution'. Thus, assuming the features of a constitutional treatment, it works from first aid to ultimate cure. The result of curativity starts appearing with amazing speed.
(Upgrading the secret Defence - Mechanism through AKASH Element)
TIME and SPACE are concepts of EXISTENCE.Hindi equivalent of space is AWAKASH which is commonly but erroneously interpreted as AKASH The naturopaths consider Akash to be Awakash.
Naturopathy upholds to utilise the five elements, including Akash, for treatment but its main therapeutic ingredients are WATER and EARTH elements which do little justice to deeply rooted ailments like TB in the third stage, Kidney needing transplant, Heart Requiring surgery. Paralysis & Cancer
As it is. Akash is the prime physical evolution that manifests the other four elements and governs them It is subtlest, imperceptible and all pervading ENTITY. It inherits the cosmic design, rhythm, frequency or compact disk (CD) of all species. Within the physique this ENTITY (CD) exercises command with electro - magnetic network The [deeply rooted diseases, adversely affect this CD, resulting in the so-called incurable disease and racial disparities (e.g., Aryan-Dravadian);
Magnetism is another ENTITY possessing most of the characteristics of Akash-element. Magnetism is the subtlest of all objects. It is imperceptible and all pervading and it determines the location and movement of all planets and stars as also the dynamism of atoms. It is noteworthy that Akash element is independent of Air, Fire. Water and Earth. Similarly magnetism has none of them As such, it occurs that magnetism has a distinct affinity and sameness with Akash element. May be that the two are substance and its dynamism.
For the while, it is fervently suggested that Magnetics may be added, inter alia, to the existing procedure of any clinical discipline to develop it into a perfect PATHY.
providing a package of disease-free Heart. Kidney, Liver, Skin. Joints, Obesity and
1 Two soft iron tubes (5" x 32-20rnm dia) are vertically fitted into the two ends of an iron plate (14"x4"x 1/2") as shown in figure -1.
2 As shown in Tig. 2. two brass rolls/tubes are prepared to be mounted on the iron-tubes The brass-roll is securely insulated with crumple sheets and divided into two compartments (app: 2/3+1/3 with the help of mica-sheet-rings to accommodate windings as under.
3 (As in fig 2) Windings of 24,000 turns in the lower compartments for DC electricity and 16.000 turns in the upper compartments for AC electricity with insulated copper wire of 28 and 35 gauges respectively are done. Windings on one roll for AC. and D.C. are subsequently connected with windings on the
other roll
4 Fig. 3 is an extension of fig.2 This is actually aphotograph of the two brass rolls
each containing a DC coil and, above it, an AC coil The windings are marked
with capital alphabets- Point 'A' is the starting point of the winding which ends
on the surface at point 'B' which is extended to point C in the second roll where
it again becomes the starting point that ends on the surface at Point D'
Subsequently, the wires from points 'A' arid 'D',reach the switch Before
reaching the switch, the starting wire (point 'A') passes through a converter to
change AC into DC.
Like wise, the wire for the ,coil above starts from point 'E' and end on the surface at point 'F' which is extended to the other roll where from point G' the wiring starts and ends on the surface at point 'H* Subsequently, the wires from point E and H reach the switch.
Thus the lower coil produces DC-magnetism while the upper coil produces AC
The rolls are then lifted and wrapped over the iron-tubes, when electricity is passed, both the windings for AC and DC together generate a vibrant magnetism in the tube which radiates at 90° to reach above to the two pole-plates (North Pole and South Pole which hang above being fitted into a mica sheet (18r x5r) which is upper side of a trapezium like wooden- chasis (fig 4) Thus the pole-plates get magnetised out of the magnetic-field when the power is switched on
The pole-plates are just above the iron-tubes. There is a gap between the pole-plates and iron-tubes which, when magnetised/intensely attract the poles Consequently a humming vibration due to tension is created ( S.No. one to six constitute the major components and the main novel operational aspects of this
Fig 4 is a photo sketch of the chassis of whichjthe back-side (not shown) has a 0 3 5 hole (with a covering-net) as outlet for a cooling-fan (12V) fitted inside to minimize the heat of the windings.
As already explained (ref-5) the two pole plates (3.5 dia) fitted in the mica-sheei form the upper side of the chassis Between the poles there is a logo ' Mntyunjaya - Magnetics"
Fig. 5 shows the enlarged slanting-side of the chassis which exhibits almost all the inside parts indicated on the slanting side have been marked with alphabets which are explained below.
a) Timer indicates time fraction of 2.5 & 5 minutes This is electronic -timber and comprises IC, transistor, transformer resistance capister diods and relay.
b) Time - Resetter (push to-on-switch)
c) Vibration-Regulator (100 - 220 V of power)
d) Magnet Regulator Corresponding to 100 - 220 V of power).
e) Indicator for Timber
f) Indicator for Regulator (Vib)
g) Indicator for Regulator (Magnet)
h) Indicator for Power
i) Volt Metre-cum-Gauss (Indicator)
j) Emergency-switch- This is for direct operation of the device in case the
timer fails,
k) Main switch for power supply
I) Fuse
m) Power connection
Apart from the cooling fan (ref. 6) there is also a converter inside for changing AC
supply into DC.
(Note: The weight, shape and size of the device may vary)
A). Mainly along spinal-grid vertically (NP upward)
PLUS (horizontally) Under palms (if complaint is above navel) or Under soles (if complaint is below navel)(NP right side)
(For Kidney & Pancreas-Horizontally on the back opposite the organism)
B) Bacteria affected organism should be treated with NP only In that case. SP should be at a distance.
C) Initially treatment for 2 to 3 days may be on LOW if so considered keeping in view the sensitivity of the disease and the patient
A) Emp'y stomach in the morning (only plain water to be taken) If this is not possible, then 3 hours after eating. However, morning is magical
B) 5 to 10 minutes on MEDIUM to HIGH. (For children 3-5 minutes on LOW)
C) Six days a week.
D) As a health device (10 minutes application equals to one hour gym) it is
to use magnets for life long. However, it is not habit forming
E) Second sitting in the evening on the Doctor's advice, (otherwise only morning)
A) Wooden seat and plank or mattress under solfs.
B) Nothing cold to be taken for half an hour after application Bathing after one hour. Ice cold to be avoided during entire treatment period
C) 1 to 4 Ozs. of magnetised water thnce-first thing in the morning and after lunch
and dinner.
D) Application may be discontinued during periods and pregnancy
Its utility aspect has been incidentally illus"ated all along Body is composed of cells which are micro-batteries from where life emanates. Under certain conditions the cells get sluggish, weakened or exhausted, giving the expression of disease When the cells are recharged, the disease starts disappearing. Secondly when the harmful germs are destroyed, the expression of disease disappears Thirdly" when the network Of various systems is stimulated and made thoroughly functional the blockages are eliminated and the disease is cured. That is what the device is invented for
I have in the mean time got this device tested by trusted doctor whose opinions (only
few of them are included here) are apparently and inherently revealing
* It is simply guessed that Mrityunjaya (the device) is' destined to reshape the
therapeutic of today and tomorrow the sands of patients have got rid of their
[Sufferings and miseries even beyond there expectations While the speed of curativity
/has been impressive in all cases, it is mind bogging...
Dr. C.L Grover,
Vijay Nagar, New Delhi 110009.
" I have found it very effective in giving symptomatic relief and also curing various
chronic diseases including heart ailments'
Dr. Sanjeev Goel, MBBS
Formerly of Safdarjung Hospital
The machine is a health promoting device but its working is definitively of therapeutical character that can't be matched perhaps anywhere today I may vouch that its amazing effect in curing almost any disease aptly merits global recognision Or P.R. Singhal 9-714, East Loni Road, New Delhi 110093
II certify that it (the device christened Mrityunjaya) cures neart. kidney, lungs cancer
paralysis, skin and joints ailments... it has no side effects
Or. JR. Bhasin
£x- House Surgeon, Hamdard.
t| Being a comprehensive / constitutional remedy, it can fight out any disease The
earlier devices targets are only specific complaints it) It reinforces body's defence mechanism to arrest the grave disease ifi) It is natural and has no side effect and may be applied to children also iv) It is utterly inexpensive. Its material operational cost is negligible
Aesthetic utility of the device.
Avoid indigestion and apply it for (5 minutes along spinal column + 5 minutes under palms/soles) for the following results:-
a) Age reversal UP to 10 year (i.e.. 75 to 60. 60 to 50. 30 to 20) m about 80 days b). Lustrous face in 20-40 days. In case of dark complexion, there is at least 25%
improvement, c). Cures all skin related complaints/diseases like Psoriasis. Eczema any stain on
the face or all over the body, d). Streamlining in 80 to 120 days, e) Dissolving excess fat while providing smarter looks m about 150 days Place
betel -leaves one each on the poles when under palms/soles Lightness is
experienced in 10 days but the desired effect is. perceived after about 100 days
(Tens of pounds of fat stand dissolved gradually)
f) UP to 21 years of age, height may increase
g) Ensures fertility
Mrityunjaya - Magnetics is the surest, simplest and cheapest COVER against any heart complaint and against any biological disorder It entails no expenditure It has no side - effect what so ever. It is a promising health promoter and an aspect of Nature -cure. Most of the patients may become their own doctors, as it does not involve any complex procedure As such the system is of interest It works from first - aid to complete cure. Medical authorities may like to consider experimentation with this tactua[ treatment, which is based perhaps on the first principle of the cosmic order This may almost avoid the need of surgery dialysis hazardous drugs human • organ -market and astronomical expenditure
With this narration, it is simply wished to bring home the idea that wherever the well esabhshed methods have not been of much help the magnetics will certainly be an assuring step towards alleviating the chronic sufferings This therapy has a vast field ahead and needs to be used on all diseases by all types of practitioners to cure the ailing humanity
It positively contributes to "HEALTH FOR ALL"

We claim
1) A device "for healing by magnetism derived by simultaneous flow of AC and DC electricity where in the AC (on top side) and DC coils are vertically placed around insulated brass tube to be subsequently wrapped over soft iron tube as shown in the accompanied drawing, generating a mixed AC-DC magnetism (within the iron tube) radiating a mild pulsating flux of 300 to 400 gauss units which creates a magnetic field to negotiate hanging (disconnected) pole-plates for tactual application
2) A device, as claimed in claim (1) wherein tactual magnetism is employed from the magnetic field without any connection with the internal part of the equipment with a view to maintain 100% safety.
3) A device, as claimed in claim (1) wherein AC coil is placed vertically above the DC coil with a view to maximise the utility aspect of vibration effect.
4) A device of healing magnetism substantially as described herein with foregoing figures.




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