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Abstract This product provides self tracking of the solar panel to maximize the output. In this panel, the effective searching of sun light is done by photo sensors. The panel is automatically controlled to maintain its maximum output position with respect to the source, i.e. until it becomes perpendicular to the source where the maximum intensity of light is sensed. The tracking of the panel is obtained by DC motor controlled by a microprocessor based control system. The panel tracks the light all over the day. At the end of the day, the panel automatically returns to its default position.
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The Self-tracking Solar Panel is an innovative product, in the field of non-conventional
energy sources, to maximize the output power of the solar panel.
The principle used is that the maximum power is output when the panel is perpendicular to the light source i.e the sun. In the conventional method, the tracking is done using the timing of the day. It is not accurate considering the seasonal changes. It is also complex, to achieve the proper tracking, taking care of these changes.
In our product, correct tracking is done by actually sensing the light intensity and correspondingly position the solar panel to maximize its output. An innovative Microprocessor based control system, positions the solar panel to its maximum efficiency ( output ) location even under varying conditions of light intensity. The solar panel resets to its starting position at the end of the day.
The product consists of:
1 * A Solar panel (the mono crystalline solar panel used is having higher efficiency ) with light intensity sensor with provision to travel more than 120° 2* A hydraulic damper to provide the operational stability to the control system. 3* A drive motor to achieve the necessary travel - a DC geared motor is used. 4* A Microprocessor based control system with an innovative algorithm to
maximize the solar panel output and 5* A battery power supply. The battery is used to charge the solar power and the same is used to power the external load and also the above mentioned control systems *The serial numbers are also indicated as the part number(s) in the enclosed drawing on page 6. We had referred the following relevant patent sites 1. www.patentsonline.com , 2. www.freepatentsonline.com 3. www.nrel.gov To the best of our knowledge, the same invention is not filed for patent in any other patent offices.

We claim:-
Principle claim:
1. Automatic positioning ( self tracking ) of the Monocrystalline Solar Panel for
maximum efficiency ( output) by an innovative position Control
Subsequent claims:
2. Achievement of stability using hydraulic damper.
3 Resetting of Panel to neutral position at the end of the day 4. Use of Motor Control to achieve the above.
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