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Abstract A vertical strip storage system has a support structure and a storage car connected to the support structure by cables in the fashion of a pulley block so as to be lifted and lowered relative to the support structure. The storage car is provided with a counterweight and with deflection pulleys which deflect and guide an incoming and/or outgoing strip in cooperation with stationary deflection pulleys on the ground. The support structure is a free-standing column without lateral supports and the storage car is a salient vehicle running on the outer surface of the column, wherein the column has an interior and the counterweight is guided in the interior of the column.
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Patent Number 215455
Indian Patent Application Number IN/PCT/2000/593/CHE
PG Journal Number 13/2008
Publication Date 31-Mar-2008
Grant Date 26-Feb-2008
Date of Filing 02-Nov-2000
Applicant Address Eduard-Schloemann-Strasse 4, D-40237 Dusseldorf,
# Inventor's Name Inventor's Address
1 DE KOCK, Peter Storpskamp 29, D-46117 Oberhausen,
2 SOHL, Ralf-Hartmut Rennpatt 9, D-42697 Solingen,
3 DIEKMANN, Christoph Finkenweg 7, D-46145 Oberhausen,
4 BACHMANN, Uwe Kanzlerstrasse 19, D-46539 Dinslaken,
PCT International Classification Number B21C 49/00
PCT International Application Number PCT/EP1999/002341V
PCT International Filing date 1999-04-07
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1 198 16 057.7 1998-04-09 Germany