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Abstract A method for inoculating molten iron. The method comprises passing the molten iron through a filter assembly at an approach velocity of about 1 to about 60 cm/sec. The filter assembly comprises a filter element and an inoculation pellet in contact with the filter element. The pellet has an inoculant dissolution rate of at least 1 mg/sec. to no more than 320 mg/sec. and comprises about 40−99.9%, by weight, carrier comprising ferrosilicon. The pellet further comprises about 0.1−60%, by weight, at least one inoculating agent selected from a group consisting of cerium, strontium, zirconium, calcium, manganese, barium, bismuth, magnesium, titanium and aluminum or from rare earths.
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Patent Number 234565
Indian Patent Application Number 1756/CHENP/2004
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Publication Date 17-Jul-2009
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1 CRAIG, Donald, B 134 Hawks Nest Drive, Fletcher, NC 28732,
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3 AUBREY, Leonard, S 58 Cchestnut Ridge Road, Arden, NC 28704,
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1 10/043,644 2002-01-10 U.S.A.